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Dr Mercola Magnesium L-Threonate (Magtein 2000mg)

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Magnesium plays a vital role in many of your body's functions, however, most forms of magnesium have low levels of brain bioavailability.

Recently, a group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Nobel Prize laureate, discovered a unique compound called Magtein™.

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So why Magnesium L-Threonate? This form of magnesium is preferred over other types for several reasons, including:

  • Has superior absorption characteristics of any form of magnesium
  • Has high cellular penetration characteristics to allow it to cross your blood-brain barrier and penetrate cell membranes
  • Significantly reduces GI discomfort, unlike other forms of magnesium that can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loose stools (Magnesium L-Threonate does not act as a laxative)

Plus, Magnesium L-Threonate does not contain any genetically engineered (GE) ingredients nor does it contain magnesium stearate, a form of magnesium that is not recommended by many, including Dr. Mercola. 

Suggested Use

Adults, as dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules per day. Two (2) mid-day and one (1) at night, 2 hours before bed.


Additional Info

What’s so Special About Magtein™ Magnesium L-Threonate?

Magnesium plays an important role in many of your brain's functions, however, most forms of magnesium have low levels of brain bioavailability.

Recently, a group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a Nobel Prize laureate, discovered a unique compound called Magtein™.

Magtein™ is the only magnesium compound that has been shown to effectively raise the brain's magnesium levels.

Magtein is a newly developed magnesium based compound for enhancing cognitive function, mood, and sleep. It is the result of over a decade's worth of research from MIT, and others, demonstrating the importance of elevating brain magnesium levels for cognition and emotional control. Magtein is unique amongst magnesium compounds in that it is explicitly designed to target brain magnesium levels and is the most effective compound for doing so. The compound is patented worldwide by Magceutics, Inc.

So what makes this Magnesium L-Threonate supplement so special?

  • Completely avoids magnesium stearate – Magnesium stearate is not the healthiest source of magnesium to help boost your supply.
  • Delivers a high-absorption formula – Magnesium L-Threonate was selected over other forms of magnesium due to its excellent absorption characteristics.
  • Incorporates high-absorption characteristics – Studies have shown how Magnesium L-Threonate uniquely crosses the blood-brain barrier and gets to cell membranes.
  • Takes advantage of high-tech encapsulation and delivery system – The Licaps encapsulation/delivery system provides superb leakage protection.
  • Helps manage potential discomfort – Many forms of magnesium can cause unpleasant gastrointestinal discomfort. Magnesium L-Threonate is not a stool-softener and does not act as a laxative.
  • Provides practical, easy-to-take servings – By taking 1g after lunch (or in the afternoon) and 1g at bedtime with plenty of water, it's quick and convenient to take.
  • Is delivered by a reputable high-quality manufacturer – With its commitment to product innovation, the chosen manufacturer has been a trusted source for core functional ingredients since 1996.

Plus, Magnesium L-Threonate is free from any genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.

With all the options you have available in a magnesium supplement,  this is one of the best choices you can make.

Why do we need Magnesium? 

Magnesium is not a nutrient you want to run low on, despite it being so commonly overlooked.

Here are some key reasons why it's so important for you to pay special attention to Magnesium:

  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Supports normal psychological function
  • Helps maintain normal bone density and strong teeth
  • It is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body
  • Exists in over 300 different bodily enzymes
  • Is found primarily in your bones (half of your total body magnesium)
  • Plays a role in your body’s detoxification processes
  • Aids your energy metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Helps guide a large number of physiological functions
  • Is required by glutathione (the “master antioxidant”) for synthesis  
  • Is especially valuable for supporting your brain health

And here’s one of the biggest problems about this nutrient: very little of it actually resides in your blood, so there’s no accurate blood test for measuring levels.

Out of sight, this is probably why this potential nutrient deficiency doesn’t fall on too many doctors’ radar.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.

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