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Vitamins D3 & K2, a synergistic duo for optimum bone and cardiovascular health.

Everyone knows how important calcium is when it comes to bone health, but do you know what vitamins can help you get more from your calcium?

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Take Control Of Your Magnesium Levels

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Magnesium is involved in hundreds of Biochemical reactions in your body and there are many benefits to having a healthy intake of magnesium ranging from reducing stress, better sleep, less headaches and improved calcium absorption.

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Update on Coronavirus Impact

Latest Update 03/04/20.

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Lets talk about your poop...

gut health magnesium poop

Everyone does it, but everyone avoids talking about it. Sorry if this grosses you out, but your poop can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body and identify problems early. Ideally, a healthy poop should be easy to pass and only take a minute. While it is common that people spend more time on the toilet, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. It is particularly important to spend little time on the latrine, to help avoid the onset of piles.A “healthy” frequency can vary quite a lot between different people, ranging from once every other...

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8 Tips On Staying Healthy This Season

prebiotics probiotics vitamin b6 vitamin C vitamin E

Recent news about the Coronavirus has caused widespread panic for many people and for their loved ones. Whilst many may feel helpless, there are some steps we can implement into our everyday lives which will boost our immune system, so we can help fight viruses that much quicker and more effectively. Here are 8 tips for staying healthy this season: 1) Wash your hands The most important thing that everyone should be doing is washing their hands to eliminate the virus. Flu viruses are spread by infected people when they sneeze, cough or blow their nose, so always make sure to wash...

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