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Blue Tube Headset | Dr Mercola
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Blue Tube Headset | Dr Mercola

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Is Your Mobile Phone Putting You at Risk?

The war rages on about the safety of mobile phones. Depending on which side of the argument you listen to, there’s either nothing to fear, or your phone is causing grave harm when it comes into close contact with your body. Where does the real truth lie?



  • Effectively reduces mobile phone radiation with the RF3 Air-com 2 patented technology.
  • Delivers state of the art, crystal clear stereo sound with dual earbuds, using advanced acoustic technology featuring air-filled wireless tubes andadvanced sound chambers.
  • Is re tractor-free – no more stuck or tangled cords.
  • Provides dependable, trouble-free operation for everyday use.
  • There are no metal conductors in the air tubes or earpieces like other hands-free units that can boost radiation.
  • Now comes with 3 sets of foam ear tips - Small, Medium, and Large – to fit almost any size ear. All included.

Additional Information

What you need to know about mobile phone radiation

The frequency of a mobile phone’s waves falls between those emitted by FM radios and those from microwave ovens, all of which are considered “non-ionising” forms of radiation.

When you make a call, text, or use data on your mobile phone, here’s what happens:

Your phone sends radio-frequency, or RF waves from its antenna to nearby cell towers, and receives RF waves in return to its antenna.

If you are holding the phone next to your face, as most people do, then about 70 percent of the energy from the antenna is absorbed straight into your head.

Age makes a difference in how much of this energy can be absorbed into the tissue. A child’s skull is much thinner than an adult’s and still developing, therefore more radiation is able to penetrate the brain.

It's not until around age 20 that your brain is fully developed.

These visual images should serve as a powerful reminder to parents that it’s never a good idea to allow a child to talk on a mobile phone held close to the head.

Mobile Phone Radiation


As you move your mobile phone away from your head, this radiation decreases rapidly. So, the further away from your body you can keep your phone, the better.


One of the most important bits of advice is to avoid holding your phone directly against your head, especially while your call connects  which is when the power surge is greatest.

Using your speakerphone function or a safe headset to keep your phone a safe distance away from your body is a much better option.

    The evolution of the Blue Tube Headset

    The comparison below shows the difference between traditional headsets and Blue Tube Headset with advanced Air-com 2 technology. With the Blue Tube, you avoid the radiation common with traditional headset antennas.

    Conventional Headsets Brain Effect Conventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also emit electromagnetic radiation.
    Blue Tube advanced Aircom2 Effect The Blue Tube advanced Air-com 2 technology delivers the clearest sound achievable through an air-filled wireless tube that reduces the emission of radiation.


    The Dr Mercola team worked on developing:

    • A cord that wouldn’t tangle
    • A comfortable ear bud design
    • Fuller, clearer sound 

    The new and improved mobile phone accessory to help reduce harmful emissions

    Blue Tube Headset with advanced Air-com 2 technology was developed with simple physics in mind to keep radiation to a minimum.

    Blue Tube Headset uses an acoustic exchange principle to eliminate using a microwave-emitting wire all the way to the headset earpiece.

    The improved Blue Tube Headset features advanced acoustic technology, delivering safe, superior communication, and hassle-free use by combining the following features:

    • Enhanced speaker for louder, clearer sound
    • Specially designed internal wiring system that reduces feedback and distortion
    • More ergonomic positioning – the sound chamber hangs freely between your cheek and collar bone, reducing contact with your body

    The newest Blue Tube Headset sounds better than ever with dual earbuds and full stereo sound.

    Works with most smartphones, tablets and other devices with a 3.5 mm jack. For users of the latest iPhone, you can purchase an Apple Lightning to Headphone 3.5 mm Jack Adapter by clicking here.

    DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information provided on this site is for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.

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