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Omega 3 - An Introduction

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Omega 3 - An Introduction

The benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are well-documented in scientific literature. However, not all omega 3s are created equal, so we should look at the different types of Omega 3. It’s recommended to take a combination of plant-based and animal-based omega-3’s to get the full range of benefits. So, this begs the question - what are the best sources of Omega 3?

Fermented cod liver oil is an enhanced version of standard cod liver because it delivers a high dose of antioxidants as well as a boost in the bio-availability of the well-known nutrients obtained from cod liver oil. For sensitive individuals who don’t like the taste or may react negatively to it, good quality alternatives do exist.

Krill oil is another fantastic product that encases nutrients in a liposomal, phospholipid (fat) layer that increases absorption rates. It also naturally contains astaxanthin which is known as the “king of antioxidants” for it’s phenomenal free-radical scavenging capacity.

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